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Yes, but with some limitations. Trezor functionality differs between Android and iOS devices:

  • Android: Trezor offers better compatibility with Android smartphones and tablets. You can use the Trezor Suite Lite app to perform some actions directly on your Android device. This includes:

    • Viewing your account balance and transaction history for supported coins.

    • Connecting your Trezor hardware wallet to your phone and using it to generate receive addresses (Model One, Model T, and Trezor Suite Lite supported).

  • iOS: Currently, Trezor Suite Lite for iOS has limited functionality. It primarily acts as a portfolio tracker, allowing you to monitor your Trezor's account balances and transaction history. You cannot directly connect your Trezor device to your iPhone or iPad to perform actions like signing transactions.

Important Note: While Trezor Suite Lite for Android allows connecting your Trezor device, avoid entering your PIN on your phone's screen. It's safer to enter your PIN directly on the Trezor hardware wallet itself for enhanced security.

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